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Jul. 26th, 2018 | 10:19 am

Hi! Believe it or not I actually got to see Kamenashi's solo live last year and I am going to see KAT-TUN again this September. I am so excited. I only hope that I do get some good seats though. *Onegai Kami-sama*

I haven't been in LJ this past years because I simply forgot my password [silly me, I know]

But one thing has changed!! I am now also an Arashi fan.. After years of being aware of them and listening to their music I can now finally say that I am an Arashic. Yatta! My ichiban in Arashi is Sakurai-kun.

So all the Arashic there, kore kara yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Warning! Ramblings and falling into deppression

Jul. 5th, 2015 | 06:57 pm

It has been two year ago since i last posted on my journal..


but who would have thought that koki will no longer be in kat-tun anymore

Well it is a ver late post ne? Two years has gone by and i will keep on supporting the four but..

I think i need a break.

Lately, i have been so depressed and sad about many things. As much as how i show people i could smile, deep inside i am torn.

My mind is thinking about so many things that sometimes i just wanna shoot myself in the head.

Am i going crazy?? I think yes

If i dwelve into fandom, i can feel a little bit of relief but in the end i fall back into that dark hole.

I don't know what to do anymore , so here i am rambling my feelings on my lj.

Just one thing is for sure.



Jul. 9th, 2013 | 07:10 pm

i can't say i love you because i don't know you personally but i really like you as who you show on tv..maybe even if that is fake or apart from the real you..the smile and energy you show to all of your audience gives me the confidence and tells me that i too can do it... i hope you continue to have more work and inspire people like me..
thank you for being in JOHNNY'S..
thank you for KAT-TUN...
Thank you for your SONGS..
thank you for all the DRAMAS and MOVIES you have acted on..
thank you for the VARIETY SHOWS..
thank you for the CONCERTS..
thank you for being with us, HYPHENS..


just ranting

Jun. 1st, 2012 | 10:17 pm
location: turtle land
mood: blah blah

ok..i know i have not been active or updating my fic...but in reality i am always online everyday in lj. ...i just cant seem to find the eagerness to post something...well till now..i am actually so bored...classes will start in a few days..but im still not in the mood to even enroll..hahahahaha...stupid me...

Guess what?!

I am celebrating my second year in kat-tun fandom...and of course akame..

This is the first time that i last so long in one fandom..you see i am the type who often changes biases and will only last liking a band for about 5 to 6 months and off to
Another one since i will feel bored with the group...KAT-TUN is different though...each time they will release a single or have somthing new instead of getting bored in a while i am like searching for more..i cant get enough of them..and ofcourse kamenashi kun is my ichiban for two years now..thats a record!hahaha ...

[fic] knight in shining armor/ a.k.a My own prince

Apr. 18th, 2011 | 02:48 pm

Title: Knight in Shining Armor/ a.k.a My own prince

Paring: AKAME
Rating : PG
Disclaimer: I don't care who owns them,hahaha,...i only care about how my imagination works...
Genre: romance,comedy,
Summary:The Prince of Japan suddenly transfers to an ordinary highschool?And the reason behind all
 that is a special someone?

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

chapter 3

Chapter 4

Prince Jin and his kazu-chan continued playing at hiroshi hospital's playground. Laughter,whines, and happiness is spreading all over that place coming from the 2 cute boys.

Although the two has just met a while ago, they felt like they have known each other since before this day. Kazu is the only friend jin has who is not after his money and who does not treat him like a royalty but just a normal kid.

He has the most irresistable pout ever!

jin always tease him in every way and
Kazu will surely pout when jin teases him and jin would abuse his chubby cheeks..

"Jinjin is so bad...jinjin keeps bullying kazu~"

"eh?"jin said in shock

" maybe jinjin hates kazu" kazuya said with his head down

"eh...why did you think that jin hates you kazu-chan?"

"cause jinjin always pinch kazu on the cheek after kazu talks" kazu said trying to imitate what jin did to him

"hahaha..."jin laughs

"ok...gomen ne~ kazu-chan jin wont pinch you on the cheeks anymore...i only do that because kazu is so kawaii.."jin said then gave a big hug to kazu

kazu was a bit taken back by the sudden hug from his friend. Then he gladly return the hug

"from now on jin will just hug kazu when he feels kazu is cute.."jin exclaimed then gave kazu another hug

"ne~jinjin wont stop hugging kazu-chan  if thats the case." kazu said to jin

"why do you think so kazu ?" jin asked

"its because kazu-chan is always kawaii.." kazu said while smiling and Jin hugged him again..

"mou~jinjin....." Kazu whined with a pout while the attached jin is still hugging him...

While being trapped by jin he saw a sandbox at the corner of the playground

"ne~jinjin lets play at the sandbox" kazu said while patting his jinjin's back who is STILL attached to him like a koala

Jin loosen his hug and saw the sandbox kazu is saying, where another by about kazu's age is playing alone,..

Now he knows why his kazu-chan wants to play at the sandbox

"koki-kun~"shouted kazu running ahead towards the said person

'koki-kun?'jin thought as he followed kazu who is now playing with this koki

"ne~koki what are you doing?"kazu asked looking at what koki is doing with his hands on his knees...

"eh..kame-chan...i'm building a castle,..."

"uwaaa~sugoi...kazu wants to live in a castle too.."kazu said sitting on the sand helping koki finish the castle, forgetting that the prince is now sulking at his side

'kazu can live with jin in the castle' jin thought

Jin sigh, now he has no friend to play with

kazu noticing jin is at the side, pulled jin's hand down and jin stumbled on the almost finish castle koki is making...making it collapse....'

"no!!!!!!!!!!!" koki shouted as his eyes flared in anger toward the boy who just sit on his castle

"gomen~ kazu pulled jin thats why jin falled...just get angry at kazu,koki-kun.."kazu with tears pooled on his eyes which are about too fall said trying to stop koki from running towards jin..

"kame-chan dont cry......koki wont get angry at you" koki said comforting the now crying kame

"uwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh~"cried kame

"psst....kazu-chan dont cry ne~ jin is not hurt,,..see...?."said jin  who came in between kazu and koki and now wiping kazu's tears...

"*sobs* gomen jinjin..gomen koki-kun *sobs*"

"daijobu kame-chan" said koki he then look at the guy who is wiping kame-chan's tears " tanaka koki desu,,..gomen  if i was angry at you"

"ah..hai...akanishi jin desu.."jin said

"your the prince???????" koki asked in shock but kazu inserted in their conversation

"hai~jinjin is kazu's prince...right jinjin?" said kazu looking at his prince smiling with his puffy red eyes

Jin nods to this in agreement...

"demo...you..kame-chan..." koki asked in shock at how kame meet the crown prince of japan.

Tanaka koki is another kid admitted to this hospital about 2 weeks now due to typhoid fever he just need a few test more before he can get out of the hospital, he is also protective towards kame-chan because the boy is always alone in his room. He is known as a bully by other kids admitted there, so no one
wants to play with him and only kame was the only person who be friended him.

Koki was about to finish his sentence when an adult woman called


"oka-chan~"kazuya cheerfully run towards his mother and hug her as she carried her in his arms

For Prince Jin, seeing this moment of kazuya and his mother made him feel sad. His mother died because of birth complication when he was born. He never saw her face and he really wants to see his mama.

kazu then whispered something to his oka-chan and the said woman look at jin, and smiled

she put down kazuya and wrote something on the paper and handed it to kazuya...

"i'll go get the car ready..ok?now go and hurry up your prince is waiting" kazuya's mom said while smiling at his son

"arigato~oka-chan" kazu said and run towards jin and koki....

"ne koki-kun...dont be sad when kazu is not here,...ok?."kazu said and koki replied with a nod then koki hug kazu

"just visit kazu at his house...you know where kazu house is" kazu said

Then a nurse called koki in for his checkup ..he then gave his good bye to kame-chan and promise him he will visit since they live on the same neighborhood

"byebye kame~ byebye prince jin" koki said while running towards the nurse calling him

Then its about time kazu has to say goodbye to jin who has his head down now,not even looking at kazu

"ne~jinjin doushitano?"kazu asked innocently..

"its because kazu will already leave jin and jin wont be able to see kazu anymore.,.then kazu will forget about jin and will not know jin when they grow...."

Jin has stopped his long speech or should i say whine because a soft pouty lips was against his for








8 SECONDS~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'MY FIRST KISS WAS 8 SECONDS~~!!!!!!!!AND ITS WITH KAZU-CHAN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!YATTA~~~~~~!!' Jin screamed in his mind when kazu stopped kissing him

 he the grin sheepishly at the now pink kazu-chan blushing madly

"ammm...ano...baka jinjin.....here is kazu's address.....pls visit kazu there..." kazu said putting a paper on one of jin's hand and run towards the hospitals exit to his okachan leaving the so called Prince who is now left with a very dorky smile...

"baka" jin whispered as he saw how kazu-chan ran toward the car waiting..


to be continued
 *dear readER
gomen ne~'*bows head*  for a late SHORT update...
its already holy week....
hahahaha.....i just realize something
you have been reading ,commenting and me replying to your comments without even introducing who i really am...

pls introduce yourself also...
arigato~pls leave some comments...

[fic] knight in shining armor/ a.k.a My own prince

Apr. 15th, 2011 | 02:53 pm

Title: Knight in Shining Armor/ a.k.a My own prince

Paring: AKAME
Rating : PG
Disclaimer: I don't care who owns them,hahaha,...i only care about how my imagination works...
Genre: romance,comedy,
Summary:The Prince of Japan suddenly transfers to an ordinary highschool?And the reason behind all
 that is a special someone?chapter 2

Jin secured the soft little hands on his own. He love the feeling of holding kazu-chan's little hands

He slowly turn the doorknob to open the door and put his head outside in caution. his afraid to see his guards not because they will punish him or so... no one does that to him except his newly found friend and he thinks that he is his only true friend, little kazu-chan

"ne~jinjin~ nande?"ask little kazu to jin when did not move

"Jinjin????ore mo?" asked jin curiously pinting his own fingers to him

"hnnn,.." kazu said with a little nod and a shy smile

Jin can't stop grinning at how cute his kazu-chan is..he was like in a world were only him and kazu-chan exist.

its a little kingdom they own, *actually jin owns cause thats his imagination*,filled with chocolate waterfalls, cotton candy clouds, strawberry fountain and and and...

"knock!knock! jinjin?" kazu said because jin was in a dazed for how many minues now looking at him

"ehhh...?" jin said realizing that it is all his imagination

"arent you gonna play with kazu anymore?" kazu said

"gomen ne, kazu-chan,jin was just thinking how cute kazu-chan is.." he then pinch little kazu-chan's cheek

"jinjin is also cute~!" whined kazu and tried to reach jinjin's cheek to pinch it like he did,he tried hard but his little hands cant reach jinjin's cheek
he tried again and again but still can't reach it


Jin then realize what his kazu-chan is doing..

he reach for both kazu-chan's hand and lowered his head and he put the soft hands on his cheek



"jinjin's face is soft...." said kazu while touching jin's face smiling at the same time

"hontou?,ne~ kazu let's play outside" jin said and offered his hand towards kazu

"hai~..."kazu said and reach for the hands waiting for him

They walk along the hallway hand in hand then suddenly..

 running footsteps was heard, getting nearer and nearer

"Prince Jin..,,..ar...are...you al..right?" one of the guard said as he is trying to catch his breath

After seeing the unknown faces wearing shades and black suit, kazu got afraid and hide behind his jinjin without letting go of his prince hand..he tried not to cry  because he knows his jinjin will save him from the bad bully in front of them, instead he tug on jins shirt

Seeing that his kazu-chan was a bit scared of his guards he squeezed the hand he is holding to assure the little guy behind him

"yes I am,...ne guard oni-chan can i stay and play with my friend a little longer?"

the guard peek on the boy behind their prince and notice that he is a bit scared

"its ok prince jin, you dont have any lessons the whole day,,..i will inform your father about this" and both guard bows down and give way so that prince jin and his friend can pass

"arigato..."jin said to the guards as he wave goodbye

"come on, kazu-chan let's play outside.." looking at the boy who has his head still hanging low

They reach the playground but still kazu-chan is still pouting

"what's wrong kazuchan?" he asked..

his little friend seems to not like his guards, and now he is sulking again...Jin then looks around the kiddie playground and saw something that could cheer his kazu-chan.
He then leads kazu-chan to the swing and let him sit there..he went in front of kazu and

"wait here for jin,ok?"

Little kazu looks at his jinjin and reply with a small nod..

Jin then hurriedly run off to the stall near the playground

"what should i get kazu-chan??*thinks**thinks*"

'i think kazu like strawberry cause he has a strawberry pillow on his bed,,...but what if kazu doesnt like it......he will be more mad and be angry at me..hmmm.....ahhhmm......."

---after several minutes of deep thinking whether it is strawberry flavor or chocolate---

"what can i get ...you ...Prince Jin ?" the stall owner said with respect

"ano.....1 strawberry icecream please..."jin said hesitating a bit

jinjin is really slow...where is he?
Jin won't leave kazu here alone, right? he assured himself...he will come back and protect kazu..

"here,..." jin said handing out a strawberry icecream to kazu closing his eyes afraid of what will kazu's reaction be

kazu looks up to the said item and




"wooowww....strawberry ice cream~~~~~~" kazu said happily reaching for the ice cream and lick on it

JIn handed it to him smiling and very happy that his kazu is now back to his happy and cute smile.. and
he did chose the right flavor..

'your a really awesome prince...' jin thought while smiling

then kazu notice something..

"jinjin..doesnt have one...and jinjin even bought this for kazu.."

"ie...betsuni..jin is fine as long as kazu-chan is happy."

"here...kazu share with jinjin." kazu said offering his icecream for jin to taste

"its ok..kazu just it eat,,.."jin said

then the most famous and irresistable kazu *POUT*

"ah..ok..but jin wants kazu to feed him"

kazu then move his hands with the icecream closer to jin and let jin lick on his icecream

"YUM,,,.."jin said while looking kazu  straight in the eye

kazu lean closer to jin..

When kazu was leaning closer to jin...jin close his eyes waiting for the kiss kazu will give him then...

"there...jinjin face is not dirty anymore"   kazu said after wiping jins face removing the icecream

jin open his eyes realizing that kazu wont give him a kiss

'i thoughT kazu-chan will give me a chu~'jin thought

"ne~kazu-chan sit on the swing and i will push.."


kazu then obliged happily and quickly sitted on the swing..jin just smiled to his friend

'MAYBE NEXT TIME....'prince jin thought remembering his wanted kiss from his kazu...


to be continued
* HI GUYZ..here is my update now....sorry for not replying on those comments left on chapter 2, i was busy..... tnx for reading and commenting there.. i read all of it and im  happy that you all like my fic..

im trying to update this everyday....sorry if its a bit short...

tnx for reading and pls do comment on this one too...



[fic] knight in shining armor/ a.k.a My own prince

Apr. 14th, 2011 | 02:20 pm

Title: Knight in Shining Armor/ a.k.a My own prince

Paring: AKAME
Rating : PG
Disclaimer: I don't care who owns them,hahaha,...i only care about how my imagination works...
Genre: romance,comedy,
Summary:The Prince of Japan suddenly transfers to an ordinary highschool?And the reason behind all
 that is a special someone?CHAPTER 2

Akanishi Jin, the only prince and heir of Japan, has a lot of responsibility given to him at a young age.

Being a prince, is not easy to him, people in his surroundings pretend to be nice to him because he is a prince, but actually they dont give a damn care to him

He wants to be treated like a  normal person instead of a royalty and attended school like regular kids do. But still, the kids there are being taught to respect
and honor him. He does everything to ruin their respect and try to be a naughty kid but still they wont do anything to punish him and even blame other for his mishaps.

He hated all this....when he makes friends at school he thought that they really care for him but they were just being manipulated by their parents.

Even his sensei treats him specially, all he wants is to be treated as a normal kid and stop others who are pretending to be good to him...

He hate all this things...he hate all the people who are involve in this...he hate his life...he hate the fact that his mother died because of giving birth to him...

Earlier that day,Prince Jin needs to go to the hospital for his monthly check up. even though the doctor can visit them at the palace,Jin insisted that he will go to the hospital to have a regular check-up

"Jin, you know that you will go to hiroshi hospital after this.."

"hai~ oto-chan "  jin replied with his usual cheerful personality

"Now, finish your veggies first dont just set it aside, you need it to grow into a Big King like me" the king said while tapping his big round tummy to show it to his son during their breakfast

"hmmmmmppffff...bllechh..yuck " Jin groan under his breath

"what's that jin?"

"nandemonai,oto-chan~" Jin said with a big smile

'i hate veggies' jin thought

A guard entered and whispered something to the king

"ah..thanks for the information,  tell him i will be going there now.." said the king to the guard

"jin,my son.gomen ne~ i cant finish breakfast and send you off..oto-chan has something to do..."

"its ok oto-chan,"

"well,thats a good prince, i'll go now, take care ok.." THe king kiss his little prince on the head before going off

After the door was close Jin gave out a really sly smile, and put his little hand on his mouth and whistle"


then a golden retriever,ren-chAN, suddenly entered the dining hall

"here boy, eat this" jin gave the plate full of unwanted veggies and some of his leftover food

Jin arrived at the hospital and is welcome by the doctors and nurses as well as the owner of the hospital bowing down as he walk along the isle
It is always like this every time he visits here

Jin sighs

"Your Highness, there is nothing unsual with your health, you are perfectly fine." the sensei said

"hai~"jin said with a nod

then he turn his head to look at the sensei's office,examine whats new there because every month he visits there this office will change like literally and it even transfers to another floor.

"ano sensei, that is a fire exit right..?" jin pointing to a door

"can i use it?"

"eh??but its dangerous for you my prince...,and your guards are just waiting outside this room."

"pwetty pwease,,,,...~~" Jin said with his puppy eyes and cute little pout

"........."'he really is an adorable prince but i wont be get by those puppy eyes' the sensei thought

'My cuteness isn't working let's try another one' jin thought

Jin stand up in the chair he is sitting in and put his little hands on his hips

"hey~!sensei~!do you want to be in trouble?" jin change his high voice to a deep low and serious tone

"eh???"the sensei was caught off guard and was shock

he did not realize that jin slip off to the fire exit and is now nowhere to be found in the room,..

"oh my gosh!what did i do?" the sensei panic and ran after towards the open fire exit

"PRINCE JIN! BE CAREFUL YOU MIGHT FALL" he shouted as he saw the little prince going his way down the fire ladders

The royal guards waiting outside immediately rush in the sensei's office after hearing him shout and when they peek down the fire ladder there prince is already down there

"bleh~!bleh~,bye bye sensei~bye royal guards~" jin said before running inside the hospital when he saw the guard are climbing down

the little prince kept running and running through the rooms of the hospital,..he love to play games like this with his guards...

"uuuwaaaaah!~~~kazu dont want you,kazu want his mama~!uwaaaaaa~"

he was happily laughing when a cry caught his attention on an open room

"kazuya kamenashi." jin read in the nameplate outside the room

since the room is open he peek his head inside and saw a very cute kid crying and a nurse catering him trying to stop him to cry

"kame-chan,stop crying ok?your mama will be here soon, she just went to the office to help your papa with work" said the nurse soothing little kame-chan

"no~!me want mama~" continued kame whining and letting out soft sobs

the nurse sigh as he rub the little boy's head, soothing him.this boy got a high and low fever this past days thats why he is admitted to this hospital,but his parents are always busy with work and left him
to be in charge with his personal nurse.

 Then the nurse saw a person peaking into the room, and she realize who it was.she immediately tried to stand to bow but..

"pssssst...it's ok....ano onee-san whats wrong with him?why is he crying" ask jin

"Prince Jin, this is kamenashi kazuya,he misses his parents that's why he is crying but i think they will pick him up later in the afternoon."

"ahh...ok...can i talk to him?" jin said cause he doesnt want the cute kid to cry anymore

"yes ofcourse, prince jin, i would be at the reception if you need anything.."

After the nurse went out jin walk slowly towards the sobbing little person curled up in the bed and sitted on the bed
The little boy look up and gave a curious look to the prince after that he push Prince jin off the bed.

"ooooowww..."jin shout and rub his little sore butt..now he knows how his johnny oji-chan felt when he push the chair...

"DARE? kazu dont want you!kazu want mama..uwaa" cried kazuya after he push jin off the bed

"ehhh?" the little prince was astonish because this little crying kid glared at him and push him off the bed. it was the first time someone treated him like this

Jin came back to his senses..

"ah..gomen ne~watashi no Prince Jin Akanishi of japan, i saw you crying outside so i want to see if your ok."

"prince jin?*sniff*are you my prince?*sniff* if your a prince where's you horse and armor?*sniff* arent you here to save kazu?*sniff*" the little boy said trying to stop his sob

"kazu?ahh...your name is kamenashi kazuya,right?"

kazu just nod his little head with a visible pout in his face

"then i'll call you kazu-chan and i can be your prince if you want.."

"hontou?" kazu look up to jin with his cute little eyes

'he really is so cute.........' jin screamed in his mind

"hai..~ne~ lets go play outside while we are waiting for your mama,prince jin will accompany you" jin said

"hmmmm....~ ok...." kazu climb down his bed and followed after jin

Jin lead the way towards the door and was about to open it when he felt a soft little hand holding him. he turned around and so his little kazu-chan holding his one hand and the other just smiled cutely at him and wipe his remaining tears
did he just say his kazu-chan?? oh well that's life....


to be continued

* taddaaa~update....hehehe....little kazu-chan meet his prince.....more cuteness will follow on the next chapter as they both already met...

hope its good...i tried my best to write this...

pls do leave comments or suggestion ...


[fic] knight in shining armor/ a.k.a My own prince

Apr. 12th, 2011 | 02:08 pm

Title: Knight in Shining Armor/ a.k.a My own prince

Paring: AKAME
Rating : PG
Disclaimer: I don't care who owns them,hahaha,...i only care about how my imagination works...
Genre: romance,comedy,
Summary:The Prince of Japan suddenly transfers to an ordinary highschool?And the reason behind all
 that is a special someone?

Chapter 1

Hiroshi Akanishi,The most respected King in Japan is now left with his mouth hanging open
and eyes as round as a coin in shock. He just can't believe what is happening to his son.
is this just a coincidence? a fate? or what if its true that history does repeat itself?


"then what is it that you want,my prince?"

"I want Kamenashi Kazuya to be with me for the rest of my life!"Jin answered broadly

"ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh???a boy?????" the whole castle was like being hit by a magnitude 10 earthquake..

*end of flashback*

"ehhemm..." a voice coming from one his adviser, Johnny Kitagawa, who had served them since
his Father was still alive brought him back to his senses.

Then there King Hiroshi Akanishi just realize where  he was actually in

"Oh my!what to do?what to do? Ok, calm down,phew~... Hiroshi you are fine, you can
deal with this,you are the most admired and the most handsome King this country has ever had......,
what could go wrong,right? gambatte Hiroshi.....Aja!Aja!Fighting!!~" the king said to his self in his thought

While the king was busy thinking about his crazy and weird thoughts, he did not realize that Johnny was
already guiding the VIP and the other people outside the meeting room.

"eeeh??nande?where did they go?" ask the king dumbfounded searching for the people in the room

"i already ask them to leave..tsk3x..." Johnny shaking his head in dissapointment

"no matter how hard i tried to teach your still a BAKA!now I wont be shock if this little boy will be also called BAKANISHI..,
come here Jin-chan lets talk in my office about this,ne~?" johnny retorted.

"hai~bye bye oto-chan~" Jin said leaping towards the door and followed his Johnny Oji-chan and open the door.

"Chotto matte~ Baka janayo~ oi oldie!where are you taking my..."


the door was slammed by little jin-chan on his oto-chan's face

"owww,,,.." exclaim the king holding his nose as if checking if it fell out

"Prince Jin,whats that?" johnny said holding the prince hand

"whats what, Johnny oji-chan?" said the so called innocent jin smiling sheepishly




"oh,never mind, i thought i heard something..lets go and we will talk about your kamenashi-chan"


Johnny open the door to his office and Jin happily followed him inside bouncing and very excited to talk about his
Kamenashi kazuya.

While  Johnny  was about to put his butt on his executive office chair,... Jin not noticing
that his Johnny oji-chan was about to sit on it push it towards him and climb and at the same time twirl and twirl the seat happily..


Poor Johnny Kitagawa landed his old butt directly at the floor ..hehehe

"wwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~,this seat is so comfy,right Johnny Oji-chan?"

"Eh? Oji-chan why are you sitting at the floor? there are many seats in your office you know." said jin

"uh,hai" Johnny dumfounded just grab another seat after he settled himself

"Ne~Jin tell me about this Kamenashi Kazuya, that you like how did you two met?how does he look?"

Jin turn from a happy face to a cold face with a very fierce and intense glare, glaring at the old man with his arms cross and folded
in front of him

" why do you ask so many question? aahh..i knew it! you are planning to steal him from me, right?
uwwwwaaaaaaaaahhhhhh~ oto-chan~ oto-chan~" Jin cried out while running to his fathers room leaving his Johnny Oji-chan on his office

"tsk3x...like father like son.....i now know that bakaness really runs in this family... " Johnny sighs

"well, let just watch how will this story ends" Johnny said looking at the open door of his office where jin run off

in the close meeting room

The king heard the running steps of his son crying and heading towards his room

"oto-chan~uwaaaaaa~" Jin cried and run to hug his Oto-chan

Hiroshi quickly put his son to his embrace

"ne~whats wrong my prince?"

"*sniff*Johnny oji-chan *sniff* will steal kazu away from me."

"Kazu??"hiroshi asked as he wipe the tears in Jin's eyes
the king smirk at the cuteness of his son,

"Don't worry, my little prince, i wont allow anyone to separate you from the one you like."

"hontou?*sniff* even Johnny Oji-chan *sniff*?"

"Hai, even Johnny Oji-chan, so stop crying,ok?"


"now, be a good boy and go wash yourself up and oto-chan will help you about your kazu after,ok?"

jin only nods his little head to this

"oi, why do you still have a gloomy face?"

"I was thinking if you are fooling me like what Johnny oji-chan did....I am a very bright boy you know?"

Hiroshi chuckle at this his son is really just like him

After a while of proving that his oto-chan wont still his kazu from him, Jin obliged immediately going up to his room with his red puffy eyes

after Jin close the door to his papa's room

"...i hope you will live a happier life without any regrets,........ unlike me........." the king whispered


to be continued

* sorry guys, i know its also a bit short...*bows head* gomen ne~im still sorting out the story.. I promise that Jin and kazu meeting story will be at the next chapter...
and oooooooooh..... .....the king has a big secret awaiting to be unvealed ..hahahhahah...

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[fic] knight in shining armor/ a.k.a My own prince

Apr. 11th, 2011 | 09:04 pm
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Title: Knight in Shining Armor/ a.k.a My own prince

Paring: AKAME
Rating : PG
Disclaimer: I don't care who owns them,hahaha,...i only care about how my imagination works...
Genre: romance,comedy,
Summary:The Prince of Japan suddenly transfers to an ordinary highschool?And the reason behind all that is a special someone?


A little boy about 8 years old run with all his might after the door of the black limo was open.

"Prince Jin!Prince Jin! don't run you just came back from the hospital" said the 2 guards who was also running afer him

Akanishi Jin, a cute and a very playful boy just turn around to the said guards end let out his tounge

"BLeh! hahaha!catch me if you can"

He run again to the direction of the meeting room of the King

"oh no! Prince Jin dont go in...." too late for the poor guards cause the door of the meeting hall is slammed open by little Jin-chan,
 revealing the said King with his comrades and other VIP personnel looking at them in shock

"..there..Damn, I should have run faster"curse the other guard

"Ooh!its my son,okaerinasai,are you ..." the king did not finish his sentence for little jin-chan cut him off

"Ne~ oto-chan~ i know what i want to have,you said you will give me anything i want and you will respect all my decision
 in life without any against, right?" jin said without a pause

"Yes, my dear prince, i dont want you to have any regrets in your life like i did, you are free to do anything,
you are in control of your life." the king said forgetting about the said meeting and focusing on his little prince.

"then, I want Kame!" Jin shouted excitedly while jumping.

"Kame? A turtle? dont worry i will tell my servants to bring different types of turtles all over the world" the king answered

"ken-san please inform them about the turtle pets for jin" the king instructed his personal assistant.

"no!no!no! not a pet turtle"

"then what is it that you want,my prince?"

"I want Kamenashi Kazuya to be with me for the rest of my life!"Jin answered broadly

"ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh???a boy?????" the whole castle was like being hit by a magnitude 10 earthquake..


to be continued

*weeee~my first ever akame fic!i lknow it sucks so  leave some comment so i can improve more..arigato


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I got hook with livejournal because of reading akame fanfics..